Are you tired of waiting for an apology which never arrives?

(Secretly because you feel if that person says they are wrong that will be proof that you are right?)

Maybe it is an old story which keeps repeating or a hurtful thing someone said or you just can't shift that feeling that someone did not think about you when they did that thing..

Or maybe you are tired of being the one who always has to play the peacemaker or pretend like nothing happened, and your tolerance for nonsense has worn a bit thin.

Or maybe it is you that you are finding difficult. Your self-criticism is off the scale, you would never speak to someone else like this, and this year, you want to try and tone down this negative inner dialogue.

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult challenges we can face in life...

It is also one of the most powerful tools for healing and personal growth.

And it is a skill we can learn, so that when we need it, we have the resources.
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To learn how to let go

  • Eight video lessons (learn the game plan)

  • Personal workbooks (apply the strategy)

  • Reali life coaching (learn from others )

The Forgiveness First Aid Kit: Love, Loss and Self

How to stop waiting for other people to change

Let go of old stories which are holding you back.
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Grudges are distractions, resentment is heavy, anger can throw us off course

You deserve better.

Maybe someone hurt us. Maybe we hurt someone. Maybe we hurt ourselves. It is likely all three have happened at some point.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to recentre yourself, no matter what other people do?

This course is about infusing your life with kindness because it serves you. This is not about pretending or condoning other people's behaviour - this is about taking your power back.

This is where we will learn how to let go of the pain that is holding you back so you can find the freedom and peace you deserve.

Imagine being able to fully embrace the present moment

without being held back by the pain of the past.

Imagine being able to have open, honest, and loving relationships with those around you. And with yourself. This is what your life could look like if you learn this skill of forgiveness. When we decide to let go of the part of the past which are holding us back, we get to write a better future.

Course curriculum

    1. Forgiveness - Welcome - video

    2. Forgiveness - Welcome - Workbook

    3. Forgiveness - Welcome - Workbook - plain text version

    1. Forgiveness - Day 1 - video

    2. Forgiveness - Day 1 - workbook

    3. Forgiveness - Day 1 - Workbook - plain text version

    1. Forgiveness Chapter 2 - video

    2. Forgiveness Chapter 2 - workbook

    3. Forgiveness Chapter 2 - workbook - plain text version

    1. Forgiveness Chapter 3 - video

    2. Forgiveness Chapter 3 - workbook

    3. Forgiveness Chapter 3 - workbook - plain text version

    1. Forgiveness Chapter 4 - video

    2. Forgiveness Chapter 4 - workbook

    3. Forgiveness Chapter 4 - workbook - plain text version

    1. Forgiveness Chapter 5 - video

    2. Forgiveness Chapter 5 - workbook

    3. Forgiveness Chapter 5 - workbook - plain text version

About this course

  • £47.50
  • 27 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

What you get

By investing in this course, you'll receive

  • Intensive course with 8 lessons (learn the game plan)

  • Personal workbooks (apply the strategy)

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Anna, also known as HeardinLondon

I'm Anna, a mindset coach, empowerment photographer, feminist, Buddhist and circus expert with a strong focus on social justice and how to find creative solutions to help people reclaim their bodies and minds. I am a confidence coach for people who hate having their photograph taken. I believe by taking on the responsibility to do our own work, we resource ourselves to support more people. I have coached hundreds of people on their path back home to themselves. I am on a fierce mission to equip people with the mindset tools they need to break through their own self-sabotage and live their wildest dreams. I think we all need that. And so I trained in it so more people can build their own toolkit. And I don't think we should all magically know how to manage our minds, if no one ever teaches us.

Anna HeardinLondon

Confidence coach and empowerment photographer

We will work on

⭐️ Why mindset is key (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Why it can feel so hard to keep going, and what you can do about it (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Why your emotions feel like they are sabotaging you - even when it does not feel like it - (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Why deciding who and what to forgive gives you your power back (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ How radical action can train your brain (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Tools to stop you running away from the things you really want in life (spoiler: there is nothing wrong with you)

What you will leave with

⭐️ More time, energy and sense of invincibility

⭐️ You'll be able to stop yourself spiralling when things get tricky

⭐️ You'll be more present for yourself and those you love

⭐️ A fresh way to solve any problem


Learn how to identify isolate negative thoughts and find the strength to forgive.

Because when you do, you begin to centre your own needs.

And who of us does not need more of that?
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On this course you'll discover

the benefits of letting that shit go including:

  • Understanding the concept of forgiveness and why it is important for personal growth and well-being
  • Identifying the beliefs and patterns of thought that keep us stuck in the cycle of waiting for others to change
  • Developing strategies for setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves when faced with difficult people and situations
  • Learning how to let go of anger, resentment, and other negative emotions that prevent us from moving forward
  • Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion to cultivate inner peace and acceptance
  • Developing a personal action plan for implementing the principles of forgiveness in our daily lives.

Perhaps you have like to meditate

you believe in a more peaceful world, you prefer it when everyone gets along...

but you still want Darren to bloody well apologise. I get it. That was me until someone taught me the most incredible life hack – and it has transformed everything. And I mean everything. So much so, that I decided to train how to teach this method so I can share it with as many people as possible.
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What if you could learn:

☀️ How to stop stressing about what other people have done (and concentrate on what you want to do)?

☀️ How to stop waiting for other people to give you permission to feel ok about something that happened (spoiler: only you can do that)?

☀️ How to stop feeling like forgiveness and condoning are the same thing (so you can have your back no matter what is going on around you)?

☀️ How to stop feeling life your past is preventing you writing a new story (and take control back of your life)?

Learning how to take control of own brain allows you the freedom to direct your life to wherever you want to to go. Is that the beach? Is that back to college? Is it to take Fridays off? Or to be able to buy your friends dinner in a fancy restaurant?

This is a simple effective strategy to help you troubleshoot your own thinking.

When you lose the resentment of the past, you know what you get to replace it with?


Imagine what life could feel like

without that constant background anvil of feeling like you need someone else to apologise in order for you to move on.

I don't want to come across all Elsa, but you can decide to let it go - and this one skill will change your relationship with to yourself forever. Liberating your happiness from other waiting around for other people's actions is the fastest way to your dreams.
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Stop those repeated patterns that feel like you are stuck on replay.

And it is not just about you. Prioritising your needs will encourage others to do the same.

When you stop getting all up involved in other people's business, you have more time for the important things in your life, like your friends, that book you always wanted to write or simply going to the park instead of hanging out in your inbox all day. Or, you know, building relationships with people who don't leave you hanging around for them to say "sorry".
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Fretting about the past is stressful

Stress stops you thinking straight, it stops you sleeping and it makings it harder to find solutions.

If you just can't stop thinking about how you just need X to say Y - I can show you the solution is staring at you in the mirror.
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"This all sounds fabulously fluffy, but aren't I just gaslighting myself?"

It's actually kinda the opposite:

Taking control of your reactions in a situation is the opposite of rolling over. Taking full responsibility for any given situation gives you your agency and power back. There is no better place to find than than with a group of caring people all working on their own unique journey, it is full of inspiration and empathy and is fertile group for you to be able to stop and think about what is important to you. If you know how to get there - great. If you don't think you'll ever get over it - we've got you. Not sure where to begin? Let's start together.
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This is the perfect place for you to uncover what is stopping you moving forward

At the pace you know you deserve.

And maybe it is not someone else you want to forgive. Maybe it is yourself, when you messed up, or your you've been telling your body it is letting you down or you just cannot stop thinking if you had made that one choice things would all be so different.
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Let's stop fantasising about choices from the past

being the things which could grant us happiness when we can grant it for ourselves.

I teach you how to uncover what is lurking behind your distractions and to be able to notice the patterns which have been holding you back. You need to develop the skill of awareness of your beliefs about yourself and others in order to understand how your life is unfolding.
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This course is not about some quick-fix-pretend-it-never-happened cure

I teach you to understand the desire driving your behaviour so you can decide where you want to accelerate and where you might want to hit the brakes.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Because it can feel quite isolating.

Even though so many of us are thinking similar things, it can be very isolating. Which makes complete sense because when we are in conflict our brains are on high alert for our safety. And it is hard to concentrate on your goals and your dreams when you feel like you are in danger.
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If you have been looking for the "How?"

you're in the right place.

In this course we look at understanding how we got to this place, how we can change it, and why there is nothing wrong with us.

And I am able to tell you this stuff, because I am talking to you from the other side.

I used to be constantly trying to stifle my own needs and worries in the hope that if I did enough or gave enough I would get a signed letter from the universe telling me I was an okay person.

I did not know how to talk about this stuff because I knew I had this deep dark secret that there was something terrible about me and if I just did all of the things for all of the people, ad did not make a fuss, I may be able to get away with it.

This course if for people who are tired of this inner voice telling you everything is terrible and you know you need to shift something.

This is a results creating system that teaches you how to take action even when things would normally fall flat.

How to stop playing the waiting game

A lot of us feel like we need to have everything else sorted before we can begin to look at our own needs.

Imagine feeling like looking after yourself is an intrinsic part of the jigsaw of improving the whole picture. What if prioritizing your own wellbeing is the key to everything else being a bit less stressful? [spoiler: it is]
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What if you could train your mind to stop telling you here is something wrong with you

so that you can begin making decisions from abundance rather than scarcity?

[spoiler: you can - I'm proof - and I invite you to have the tools which transformed it]
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You don't have to feel stuck. Another way is possible.

Do you ever feel like:

💔 Your past writes your future?

💔 You feel like you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to move on?

💔 You think if you had not made that mistake, everything would be so much better?

This does not have to be your story.

Another way is possible.

This course is about teaching you how to consciously create your personalised game plan to stop taking action from fear and learn how to keep showing up as the person you want to be.

What does that look like in reality? It means having less stress and building a toolkit from resources which have been hiding in plain sight. This is the anti-hustle work plan to emotional wellbeing.

You are invited to:

The Forgiveness First Aid Kit

AKA How to stop letting your past control your future

A week long intensive course to equip you with tools to separate your story from your goals and how to take that step forward in full authenticity.

You will learn:

☀️ How to stop replaying an old interaction on a loop

☀️ How to stop waiting for someone else to say sorry

☀️ How to stop criticising your responses so you can move you forward

☀️ How to stop spiralling when things go wrong

☀️ How to pick yourself back up when relationship with other people - and yourself - get challenging

You will get:

🏝 A daily video lesson each day (and replays)

🏝 A daily workbook so you can apply the work to your personal circumstances

On this course you will discover

- How to stop letting your past hold you back

- Understand what has tripped us up in the past

- Stop feeling like it is all too much

 - Build resilience and motivation

 - Learn how to boss your mind and your emotions

What you will leave with

- A toolkit to build the life you love

- A map to your calm and clarity

- More time and less stress

- The blueprint for a life which centres your self-care

- Feeling more like your true self

I teach you how to build a reward system

in your brain for being kind to yourself.

This course gives you access to the tools I used which finally enabled me to create clarity and confidence in my life so I could build a business where I teach people how to build progress, passion and pleasure into their lives every single day. I spent years working all hours to try and keep the wolf from the door and being petrified of what was around the corner if I stopped grafting, and now I run a thriving confidence coaching and empowerment photography business which changes lives. And these are the tools I used to get here. I created this work to provide a simple, cohesive strategy for you to be able to manage your own mind and become someone who has your own back.
Two friends hugging

The way we speak to ourselves can be so painful

especially around forgiveness.

And when we don't have our own backs, it can mean we do not always respond to others from a place of integrity.

We may believe because relationships may have been fraught in the past, that it is just how it is.

But it does not have to be this way.

Centring yourself in your own core values is a practise we can learn. And once you learn this you, it will become easier to access each time some little boundary tester comes strolling your way.