Do you struggle to make decisions?

🤔 Do you often find yourself in a spiral of overthinking, unable to make a choice?

🤔 Does the fear of making the wrong decision stop you from choosing anything?

🤔 Are you constantly second-guessing your choices, wondering if a better option exists?

(And asking EVERYONE else if what you've already decided is ok?)

Please pull up a pew, friend; we need to talk.

This may seem like breaking news, but you're not the only one.


Wild as it may seem:

There is nothing wrong with you.

Making decisions is HARD. Especially when we have so much at stake.

Especially when we have to make so many of them.

Especially when the buck stops with us.


Especially when we know we will be REALLY MEAN to ourselves if we get it wrong.

If any of this resonates with you, you're in the right place

because this course is crafted to equip you with the tools to make confident decisions, ensuring you don't live a life of 'what-ifs'. Through a series of practical exercises and lessons, we will learn the skills and knowledge you need to take control of your thoughts and stop outsourcing your wellbeing to "getting it right"



  • 1st - 31st October 2023
  • 4 Weekly Lessons (learn)
  • 4 Weekly workbooks (apply)
  • 4 Live coaching calls (investigate)

Accessible pricing

October's course outcomes:

  •         More time
  •         Less regret
  •         More confidence
  •         More clarity. For EVERY decision.
  •         Less caring what Derek in the office thinks.

This course is helps you navigate the maze of decisions which is adulthood and stop second-guessing your every move.

This course is for you if you've ever thought:

"I'm afraid of making the wrong choice."

"Should I have done the other thing?"

"Jeez why are there so many options?"

"Maybe Derek in the office knows better than I do, afterall"

Trust Your Choices with Clarity and Conviction

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "Why do I constantly second-guess myself?"

  • "Why am I always lost in 'what ifs'?"

  • "Why do I seem to care more about what other people think than what I think?"

If so, then you are in the right place.

This course is tailor-made to address these concerns, designed with your needs in mind.

Ever find yourself asking absolutely everyone about a decision you've already made?

And there's no turning back, it's done, but just need one more person to tell you that it was not a mistake.

...Or maybe it was. 

...Or maybe they don't know either.

So you ask just one last person...

It never quite seems to be enough to reassure us, does it?

Second-guessing ourselves is exhausting.

If you are anything like, well pretty much everyone, self-doubt is probably getting in the way of you asking for what you really want.

You deserve better.

You deserve a life where you get to make choices based on what you want, not choices based on what is going to feel less rubbish.

The more clarity you have

The less time you spend in indecison

And that means you have way more time (and energy) to do all the way more important stuff in life.
Like reading books, and learning to surf or having lie ins or writing that book or hanging with friends or turning your phone off and deciding you want to quit your job and become a gardener or a learn Portuguese or audition for a role as a Bollywood dancer or plan how to dismantle the patriarchy.

Course curriculum

    1. SelfCareSchool's The Confusion Solution course - Introduction

    1. The Confusion Solution - Welcome messaage

    2. The Confusion Solution - Welcome - video

    3. The Confusion Solution: Welcome - workbook

    4. The Confusion Solution: Welcome - workbook - plain text version

    5. Crisis support should you need it

    6. Active Listening Guide (updated August 2023)

    7. A note on trauma

    8. Anonymous Call Question Form

    9. Facebook Guidelines

    10. A brief guide to intersectional feminism

    11. Anonymous Call Question Form

    12. Facebook posting guidelines

    1. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 1 - video

    2. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 1 - workbook

    3. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 1 - workbook

    1. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 2 - video

    2. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 2 - workbook

    3. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 2 - workbook - plain text version

    1. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 3 - Video

    2. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 3 - workbook

    3. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 3 - workbook - plain text version

    1. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 4 - video

    2. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 4 - workbook

    3. The Confusion Solution: Chapter 4 - workbook - plain text version

About this course

  • £137.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Pricing options

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We get so worried about disappointing people

Which makes decision making extra difficult

When we are worried what they might think of you. And what they might say about you. And what you might say about you. And whether it's all going to be OK. And if you should have just said "yes" in the first place.... It's exhausting, isn't it?
a caucasian woman with blonde hair wears a white long sleeeve top

If you're looking for a clear, practical methodology to bring about concrete change

This is what we do.

When you hear the word "decisions" do you immediately think of a load of 'What ifs'?

Are you less concerned with what you want and more worried about getting it wrong?

The problem is often not the decisions but all the stories we spin into about how we have made bad choices in the past. And what if we regret it? Or what if we find out the other choice was the right choice? And why can't someone just tell me what the right thing do do is? And this could range from career choices to too many things on a menu. Any of that sound familiar? The thing is, that if we are used to being mean to ourselves about getting things wrong then your brain gets super vigilant - because you just let it know there could be danger ahead.

Make decisions with ease, confidence and clarity

(and without regret)

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Anna, also known as HeardinLondon

I'm Anna, a mindset coach, empowerment photographer, feminist, Buddhist and circus expert with a strong focus on social justice and how to find creative solutions to help people reclaim their bodies and minds. I am a confidence coach for people who hate having their photograph taken. I believe by taking on the responsibility to do our own work, we resource ourselves to support more people. I have coached hundreds of people on their path back home to themselves. I am on a fierce mission to equip people with the mindset tools they need to break through their own self-sabotage and live their wildest dreams. I think we all need that. And so I trained in it so more people can build their own toolkit. And I don't think we should all magically know how to manage our minds, if no one ever teaches us.

Anna HeardinLondon

Confidence coach and empowerment photographer

Your Transformation

By investing in this course, you'll learn how to

  • Make decisions quickly, easily and without regret.

  • Articulate your needs and desires without guilt

  • Overcome self-doubt.

Want the Confusion Solution

Because not spinning in indecision gives you your time and energy back

Most of us believe if we just had a bit more information, we would be able to make the RIGHT decision.

And if we made the RIGHT decision, then we would feel happy.

And definitely no regret. And absolutely no embarrassment. Or shame. So we dig around, and we ruminate, and we crowd-source and we make lists - and weirdly none of it makes us feel certain we are making the RIGHT decision. And that is because we don't really want to make a decision. What we want is the certainty we are not going to get things WRONG.
Latina woman with red sleeveless top

the truth is no one is going to be able to give you this magical crystal ball.

But you can learn ways to make sure that no matter what happens it is not a disaster.

Because burning yourself out and tying yourself in knots about all those other times you got it wrong nearly may not be a disaster, BUT IT FEELS TERRIBLE. And it does not have to. You can choose to respond differently. This course teaches you how.
A black woman with a brown headscarf

Discover your clarity, starting today

How much time do you spend stressing about decisions? Or worrying you may not get it right? Or what other people will think of your choices?

How often do you second-guess yourself? Or perhaps you trawl through every detail hoping to find the bit of information which is going to make you feel certain? Or maybe you're hoping that if enough people tell you their opinions then you feel are you are doing the right thing?

We're taught that getting it wrong = bad and we're also taught it is not the outcome which is bad, but it is us, the decision maker who has make this terrible mistake. When the stakes are so high, no wonder we procrastinate about basically everything.
An Indian woman in a leather jacket

This absolutely used to be me. I even used to ask other people in restaurants what I wanted to eat.

I had zero trust that I was not about to get things terribly wrong.

This was until someone introduced me to a groundbreaking approach, reshaping my entire decision-making process. Its impact was so profound that I trained to teach this methodology, aiming to share its power with as many individuals as possible.
Caucasian woman wearing a sea glass necklace

What if you could learn how to:

  • ☀️ Make decisions confidently, without constant fear of judgement?

  • ☀️ Break free from the freeze of over-analysis?

  • ☀️ Voice your opinions and choices assertively?

  • ☀️ Not constantly outsource your life choices on other people's opinions?

Managing your mindset means you can show up for yourself consistently.

Perhaps it's about interacting with coworkers without the fear of "getting it wrong"? Or nurturing friendships that aren't built on a tally system? Or simply recognising your feelings are important too?

Prioritising your needs is vital for your wellbeing and the well-being of those around you. I teach a straightforward, effective strategy to help you build the skills to make confident choices. I'm here to equip you with a practical, transformative approach to get unstuck.
Somali woman with brown headscarf

This is a course about is about how to stop being burnt out.

It is about how to stop ignoring yourself.

It is about how to stop feeling so overwhelmed we never have time for ourselves. It is about how to stop over-compensating because we are worried about what other people will think. How much time do you spend thinking there is no point asking, or it so much hassle, you might as well just do it yourself anyway? And how much more energy would you have without the stress of second-guessing every interaction?
A brown skin woman with grey hair and an orange scarf around her neck

We have more mental energy

to direct towards the rest of our lives when we are not full of self-doubt.

Which means there is more energy to direct towards the bits of life that actually light you up. Maybe it is your friends, or being creative, or exploring or resting more - but you get to be more you. And with this comes confidence. And frankly, everything is a bit more fun.
A caucasian woman flicks water out of her hair

We will work on

🌟 The reasons why second-guess ourselves (spoiler: it's not your fault)

🌟 Why we sometimes opt for the 'easier' choice rather than what we truly desire (spoiler: it's not your fault)

🌟 Gaining clarity on decision-making processes and how to streamline them (spoiler: it's not your fault)

🌟 Techniques to ensure confident choices (spoiler: even if it feels overwhelming now, it's not your fault)

Imagine a world where you can:

✨ Say "no" without guilt

✨ Extend the same compassion to yourself as you do to others

✨ Know your priorities and follow them in everyday life

✨ No longer exhaust yourself trying to meet everyone's expectations

Making decisions is tough when we are afraid of regret

And worrying about the worst case scenario doesn't help make anything more clear

Doubting your own abilities is stressful. Stress stops you thinking straight, it stops you sleeping, and it makes it harder to find solutions. And it is habit forming. The more we do it, the more it becomes familiar. Wouldn't it be good if we could just put this down, once and for all? (You know I am going to tell you it is possible, right?)
A caucasian woman with red hair and an orange cardigan holds a monstera leaf

Does any of that sound familiar?

Because it can feel quite isolating.

Uncertainty sucks. We all hate it. So we try and do everything we can to avoid it, including avoiding making decisions (because then things could go wrong, and that would lead to EVEN MORE UNCERTAINTY).
A caucasian woman flicks water out of her hair

If you have been looking for the "How?"

you're in the right place.

I teach a results-driven approach which you can apply to any area of your life.

We'll embark on a journey to:

🌱 Develop self-awareness to understand why it so hard to make decisions

🌱 Spot patterns that cause indecisiveness and master strategies to navigate through them

🌱 Cultivate self-confidence that enables you to own your worth and live a more fulfilling life

🌱 Foster self-compassion and forgiveness for any past self-doubt or perceived shortcomings (psst: they're not true - and I'll show you how I know)

In this course, we'll teach a decision-making framework which support your well-being and foster personal growth. You'll learn to take control of your life, develop a deeper understanding of your desires and motivations, and determine where to accelerate or hit the brakes.

Many of us feel like we need to have done everything perfectly before we deserve self-love.

Or rest.

Or a partner.

Or to go to the park.




It's endless.

What if the secret to making everything else more gratifying was learning to trust yourself, your capabilities, and your experiences?

[spoiler: it is]

What if navigating needs didn't feel like such a struggle?

And I mean everyone's (including our own).

Imagine what would be possible if you discovered some mind management tools to treat your life like a journey of growth, instead of bouncing between self-doubt and overcompensation or feeling like every interaction is a battle? Imagine waving a magic wand and banishing that one persistent barrier that's been holding you back from speaking up for what you want. Here's a little secret: the roadblock we encounter is always the same - our mindset.
A black person sits under an oak tree at sunset

What if you could train your mind to stop telling you that you don't know

allowing you to make decisions from a place of confidence?

You absolutely can. I am living evidence, and I'm inviting you to learn the tools that revolutionised my life.
Two women in a laughing embrace

On this course you will discover

⭐️ Why the urge to please everyone is so pervasive (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you

⭐️ Why, despite your best efforts, you often find yourself putting yourself last, and what to do about it (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Why decision-making can sometimes feel daunting (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Why we get stuck in a loop of indecision (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ How it's possible to not constantly seek external validation (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you)

⭐️ Tools to set boundaries and prioritise your wellbeing (spoiler: there's nothing wrong with you)

What you will leave with

⭐️ More confidence, energy, and time for your relationships (seriously)

⭐️ The ability to stop feeling overwhelmed by options

⭐️ A method to implement clear boundaries

⭐️ The ability to be more present and authentic for yourself and others

⭐️ Tools to evaluate options and prioritise your best interests

⭐️ A robust methodology to solve any problem


It's time to stop the "I don't know" noise

Make decisions quickly, with confidence and clarity

The tools I've used to build a life I love

and I show you how stop making decision-making does so stressful

I don't teach anything on this course I have not found to be life-changing. These methods are more than tried and tested; they are lived in and stretched in and reworked for a feminist, anti-capitalist, bodu inclusive lens.
Indigenous American woman with blue hair

You don't have to feel stuck

Another way is possible

Do you ever feel like:

💔 You just can't get things right?

💔 You need to find the perfect answer?

💔 Too many options gives you brain-freeze?

This course teaches you how to consciously develop a personalised game plan to express your desires and boost your self-confidence, enabling you to become the assertive, confident individual who gets the good things in life.

What does that look like in reality? It means less stress and more clarity. And who doesn't want that?

This is the foundation for your future self

This is the blueprint you need to stop telling yourself you are not good enough.

These thoughts show up for so many of us. This is why learning in a community full of people striving together and cheering each other on is so supportive.
Plus size caucasian woman with wavy brown hair

Pricing options

Full wage for folk who can afford it and concessions for folk who need it

Scholarship option

No one is turned away for financial reasons.

Click here to apply for the scholarship : Hardship bursary application

People who are able to pay the full fee help me ensure no one is ever turned away for financial reasons.

If you'd like to Pay Forward and sponsor someone on the course, please let me know.

Master Decision Making

(How to confidently choose your path)

This four-week course is tailor-made to equip you with the skills to evaluate options and make decisive choices, empowering you to step forward with clarity and confidence without second-guessing yourself.
Black woman laughing and throwing leaves

We will focus on

☀️ How to pinpoint areas in your life influenced by past experiences and biases

☀️ Techniques to challenge indecisiveness and overcome barriers to decision-making

☀️ Why confronting dilemmas can feel daunting, and strategies to navigate them

☀️ How to bolster your confidence, especially when faced with uncertainty

☀️ Adapting your decision-making approach as circumstances and goals evolve

You will get the following:

🏝 4 video lessons (and replays - one a week)

🏝 4 coaching calls (one a week)

🏝 6 workbooks so you can apply the work to your personal circumstances

🏝 A VIP Facebook group (if you want it, if you hate FB, that's ok too)

🏝 The most amazing supportive community for accountability.

(Group coaching calls are Wednesday evenings 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th October 2023 7pm UK time - replays will be available for the group)

I train with thought leaders from around to world to disseminate this work to you.

Everyone I trained with charges £500 - £10,000 per course. Per month. And sometimes more. For me it is important to make this work accessible to as many people as possible, so I created this tiered pricing strategy. If you would like to support this mission, we are also invited to Pay It Forward.